"Kate Nash has released ‘Under-Estimate The Girl’, written, recorded and thrown-up in 24 hours. And the fall out has seen some serious irritation from all corners, with sneers that imply that Someone Like Kate Nash has absolutely no right to ‘go punk.’ It’s been described as "embarrassing", "rich little girl… punk?" and "It sounds like four drunk people getting together and playing around on instruments at a house party." Or, as it’s normally known - punk. In fact, it’s outpunked punk."

from Kate Nash Has Committed Career Suicide - And It Sounds Amazing

Kate Nash, who I used to get confused with Lily Allen and might also compare to Katy Perry, is now recording songs that sound like Hole mixed with the Go-Gos, if the Go-Gos had stayed punk rather than pursuing pop (no judgment, I like pop music a ton). This article about punk is pretty intriguing.

"These days, punk breaks no rules, rather inventing a load of new ones that you MUST adhere to."

I’ve been thinking about this a lot when it comes to “subcultures,” “authenticity,” definitions, and identities (see also homonationalism). Likewise, I’m into the song, but I h8 the bindi appropriation in the video :(

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